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Marian had a really hard day at the office and was trying to learn some new martial arts moves. As a martial arts teacher of 35 years, I tried to make her relax during class, but it appeared at first not to be working.

I then told her, "With all that pent-up emotion inside of you, why don't you try to do something with it? Turn all that emotional energy from a negative state to positive feelings and action."

The next 15 minutes of the class turned into an amazing learning experience for Marian and me. She readily had a smile on her face as her learning of the new moves literally skyrocketed.

This example is a valuable life learning experience for all of us. As human beings, we are feeling emotions constantly. It is how you process these feelings that decide your outcome.

A Simple Lesson in Listening

It is good to listen when being spoken to- something being said may positively affect one's entire day.

Time spent listening in silence or with a gentle smile allows the speaker to realize that their message has both been received and appreciated.

Let us all take time out every day to practice really listening to someone- nice things will begin to occur right before our very eyes.

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