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I cannot believe that my daughter will soon celebrate her eighth birthday. It seems like only yesterday just after I left the delivery room that my red belt suddenly turned into a white belt.

Having a child and seeing her grow up is among the greatest of life's pleasures. Each day brings a new surpise as well as its challenges.

One day I got really frustrated when I asked her to get herself ready for school. I had to remind her many times to focus on the task at hand. Finally, she came to me with very sad eyes. She said, "Daddy, I know I have to hurry and I'm really trying very hard." I realized then, two things: 1) She "was" really trying because we were running late. 2) She was only six years old and doing the best she could.

I gently pulled back my criticism and helped her to get ready. As soon as my frustration subsided, everything immediately got better.

My daughter ended up smiling as we got into the car because I told her I loved her and I was very proud of her.

Make each day with your child and family precious. They will always love you for it.

All The Best!

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