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March - April 2008

The Blessing

This occurrence took place right after a Sunday snowfall. It was bright and sunny day, and the weather was absolutely beautiful. I was just leaving someone's house when all of a sudden I did not see an icy patch on the stairs and took a very bad fall on my right elbow.

I quickly got up and realized a very quick shooting pain in the front of my right shoulder. The pain gradually intensified during Sunday. When Monday morning came, I could barely raise my right arm. It suddenly dawned on me to seek medical attention.

On Monday, I totally relaxed and tried to gradually do whatever I could with my right arm. Basic activities like dressing, shaving, and driving a car became a real adventure.

A week or so has passed and I'm feeling much better. I attribute my background in martial arts including how to take a fall (Jujitsu) to preventing a more serious injury.

Students of mine have also claimed escaping serious injury due to their falling skills. Being spared a serious injury, I consider it a blessing.

I did have my shoulder checked out by a doctor.

All the Best!
Soke Joe

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